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 Taiwan Hans tools HANS.W & reg; tools company Hans & reg;tool was established in Taipei City, Taiwan,for Taiwan huangjie steel business group production unit,Huang steel enterprise brand, in addition to the marketing of Taiwan, but also exported to Japan,Europe and the United States and other.With China's reform and opening up,the group of steel gradually into the mainland market.Respectively in 1995 and 2002 in Nanhai,Guangdong set up factories set up Hainan Huangkang metal products Co.,Ltd.and Huangkang Metal Technology Co.,Ltd.was established in Kunshan, Jiangsu, China, specializing in steel extension of pressure, heat treatment,sub section.Hans Tool Division from 1997 will reach the Chinese market, and set up a wholly owned subsidiary of China Foshan Nanhai District Guang Rui Trading Co.,Ltd.,a comprehensive exploration of the Chinese market.
 Taiwan Hans tools HANS.W & its products,in line with the Taiwan steel of high quality steel in accordance with JIS and ANSI DIN standards meticulously.From the design,production,manufacturing and other aspects of ergonomic principles,in order to provide the user with the tools.
 Taiwan Hans tools HANS.W & reg;Hans & reg;tools existing eight categories of products,and for the aftermarket auto parts,iron and steel manufacturing,electronics and telecommunication,assembly and maintenance, etc.industry widely used.Now the Taiwan Nissan (NISSAN) and Yulon automobile maintenance factory auto repair tools suppliers directly under the specified.
  In order to further promote the Taiwan Hans tools HANS.W & reg;Hans & reg; tool market brand, better more convenient service to customers,and tools in 2011 the ministry from Guangdong Foshan moved to logistics are --- Linyi in Shandong Province, and the establishment of "Linyi Huang Steel Trading Co., Ltd."Responsible for mainland warehousing logistics all business.Company sales network throughout the country,the existing Guangdong,Xi'an,Beijing and Shenyang 4 offices and more than 200 distribution points.
  We will strive to provide reliable tools to meet the changing needs of domestic and domestic manufacturing industries..
  Taiwan Hans HANS.W & Hans tool tool looking forward to cooperate with you to create brilliant career.

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